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Historical Perspective
The accepted figure of murdered Jews at Sobibor is a minimum of 250,000.
The SS contracted the "fare" for transporting Jews to their death directly with the German railroad (Deutsche Bahn).
About the Site's Author
Thomas Blatt is a survivor of Sobibor, the Nazi extermination camp, where he took part in the most successful revolt and escape from any Nazi camp during World War II.

Thomas Blatt is also the author of two book's:

• Sobibor - The Forgotten Revolt • From The Ashes of Sobibor


The story of the revolt was told in the award-winning Chrysler Corporation film special for the year 1987:

• Escape From Sobibor


The SS contracted the "fare" for transporting the Jews to their death with the German railroad authorities: children up to 10 years of age traveled half the regular fare and those under 4 years old traveled free with their parents. The SS paid for their transportation from the funds robed from their victims.

From the end of July to the beginning of October,1942 the railroad was on repair and alternative forms of transports were found: trucks, horse drawn wagons, even forcing the Jews from local villages and towns to came by foot. Later the railroad transport resumed bringing Jews from Holland, France, the Soviet Union and other countries.

In the Hagen court proceedings against former Sobibor Nazis, Professor Wolfgang Scheffler, who served as an expert, estimated the total figure of murdered Jews at a minimum of 250,000.

Sketches by Josef Rychter (on scraps of newspapers)
Only his name is known. He risked his life to record the Nazi crimes around Sobibor.

Some Verified Transports of Jews to Sobibor
Data abstracted from court documentation and other sources.
Jews from occupied Polish territories:
1942Mid-AprilKrychow (labor camp)250
 May 3Komarow2000
 May 5Opole Lubelskie2000
 May 6Demblin-Irena2500
 May 7Ryki2500
 May 7Jozefow1270
 May 8Baranow1500
 May 8Konskowola1580
 May 9Markuszow1500
 May 9Leczna200
 May 10Michow2500
 May 12Opole2000
 May 12Turobin2000
 May ?Pulawy2500
 May 12,15Zolkiewka1000
 May 13-14Gorzkow2000
 May 14-15Krasnystaw3400
 May 15Izbica400
 May 15-16Zamosc5000
 May 18Siedliszcze630
 May 21-23Chelm2300
 May 23Wlodawa1200
 May 25-30Chelm1500
 May ?Lysobyki500
 May ?Wawolnica500
 May ?Krasniczyn?
 May ?Rudnik?
 May ?Wysokie1000
 May ?Cycow?
 May ?Krasnystaw?
 June 1-2Hrubieszow3049
 June 2Belzec1000
 June 2Dubienka2670
 June 6Krasniczyn800
 June 7-9Hrubieszow500
 June 8Grabowiec1200
 June 10Uchanie1650
 June 10-13Biala Podlaska3000
 June ?Cycow500
 June ?Slawatycze1000
 June ?Dubeczno?
 June ?Olchowiec?
 June ?Pawlow?
 June ?Sawin?
 June ?Krzywowierzba?
 June ?Krasniczyn?
 June 29Majdanek5000
 July 24Wlodawahundreds of children
 July (end)Chelm300
 Aug. 10Rejowiec2000
 Aug. 10Zolkiewka1000
 Sept. 6Ustrzyki?
 Sept. 8Ryczywol69
 Oct. 1-5Duchaczow150
 Oct. 8Izbica1500
 Oct. 10Rejowiec2400
 Oct. 11Lubartow3000
 Oct. ?Wojslowice1200
 Oct. 22Siedliszcze500
 Oct. 22-30Piaski and Izbica5000
 Oct. 23Leczna3000
 Oct. 24Wlodawa5000
 Oct. 27-28Chelm3000
 Oct. 28Hrubieszow2000
 Oct. 30Wlodawa500
 Oct. ?Belzyce and Bychawa7000
 Nov. 2Izbica1750
 Nov. 6Chelm10000
 Dec. 22Staw800
 Dec. ?Dubeczno650
1943Jan. ?Izbica750
 Jan. ?Chelm?
 Feb. ?Chelm300
 April 28Izbica200
 April 29Leczna200
 April 30Wlodawa2000
 May 1-7Wlodawa150
 May 22Lwow?
 June 26Belzec (death camp liquidation) 306
 July 4Lwow?
 Aug. 8Debica2000
 Aug. 15-29 Bialystok200
 Sept. 10Dorohucza?
 Sept. 29 Bialystok?
 Oct. 20 Treblinka (to dismantle Sobibor)aprox100
Jews from other European countries:
1942April-June 13Czechoslovakia6000
 April-June 30Germany - Austria10000
 April-Oct. 20Slovakia24378
 March 5-6Holland1105
 March 6France71
 March 11France?
 March 13Holland964
 March 26Holland1250
 March 26France994
 March 31Germany?
 April 2Holland1255
 April 9Holland2020
 April 16Holland1204
 April 21Germany (Berlin)938
 April 23Holland1166
 April 25France2000
 April 30Holland1204
 May 7Holland1187
 May 14Holland1466
 May 21Holland2511
 May 28Holland2862
 June 4Holland3006
 June 8Holland (children)1266
 June 11Holland3017
 July 2Holland3397
 July 9Holland2417
 July 16Holland1988
 July 23Holland2209
 Sept. 18-19Sov Union (Lida)2700
 Sept. 18-23Sov Union (Minsk)6000
 Sept. 23-24Sov Union (Vilno)5000
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