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Thomas Blatt is a survivor of Sobibor, the Nazi extermination camp, where he took part in the most successful revolt and escape from any Nazi camp during World War II.

Thomas Blatt is also the author of two book's:

• Sobibor - The Forgotten Revolt • From The Ashes of Sobibor


The story of the revolt was told in the award-winning Chrysler Corporation film special for the year 1987:

• Escape From Sobibor


"Thomas Blatt has written remarkable book that tells two stories. The first details the working of the notorious Sobibor extermination camp. The second tells of the revolt at Sobibor. Blatt tells those two stories in measured tones: he neither exaggerates the heroism of the Jewish prisoners nor demonizes their cruel Victimizers. This is a remarkable feat in itself because Blatt was one of the prisoners who had a role in the revolt and who escaped from Sobibor. Most compelling is Thomas Blatt's interview with Karl Frenzel, a Nazi officer at Sobibor, which encapsulates Hanna Arendt's famous phrase 'the banality of evil'."

- Dr. Michael Nutkiewicz, Chief Historian of Shoah
  Spielberg Foundation in Los Angeles

"Thomas Blatt writes in the preface to this remarkable book. "Witnessing genocide is overwhelming; writing about it is soul shattering. Nor can the reader emerge unscathed from this wrenching account of mans inhumanity to humanity. This account of the killing of 250.000 Jews at the death Sobibor is made even more powerful by the fact that the author is one of a handful of survivors of the revolt. To read this book is to risk having ones soul shattered and ones humanity put in question. No one who reads it ever will be able to forget Sobibor or Thomas Blatt."

- Marilyn J. Harran, Ph.D., Professor of Religion and History
  Chapman University

"This important and deeply moving book, written by one of the heroes of the legendary 1943 Sobibor uprising, recount one of the greatest escape stories in the annals of human history. Thomas Blatt's powerful and passionate narrative honors the memory of Sobibor's victims. It is a "must" reading."

- Neal M. Sher, Executive Director, American Israel Public
  Affair Committee; former Director, Office of Special Investigations
  U.S. Department of Justice

"Thomas Blatt has produced a well documented study of the Sobibor extermination camp where approximately 250,000 Jews were annihilated. This book does much to help us understand the camp and the revolt for which it became famous. Without his sustained and courageous pressure on the Polish government to change the sign at Sobibor, few would know that Jews were the primary victims at the camp."

- Alex Grobman, Ph.D., Director
  Martyrs Memorial and Museum of the Holocaust
  Los Angeles

"Having worked with Tom over a period of several years during the development and production of the film "Escape from Sobibor", I came to deeply respect his passion, attention to detail, and strength of character. As a survivor of the revolt at the Sobibor death camp, hi brought all the qualities and more to his compelling book, Sobibor - The Forgotten Revolt. This is a powerful story of a tragic part of history and a fitting tribute to the many who lost their lives in camp as well as to the courageous men and women of Sobibor who rose in rebellion on October 14, 1943. It is a story never to be forgotten."

- Denis Doty, Producer
  "Escape from Sobibor"

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